Monday, January 5, 2009

Rosanna Hopestill

Sally's People are characters I invented for books, short stories and poems. Their creation spans the last three decades of the 20th Century and (so far) the first of the 21st.

Rosanna Hopestill, protagonist of "Translations in Celadon", is a shy teenager who attends St Boniface's College. She is plain and ordinary, and the only thing that makes her stand out from her peers is her habit of s'imagining, a kind of creative visualisation. Rosanna drifts on the edge of college society, drawn to Asher Phillips, the golden boy of her year, but repelled by his dark-eyed foster-brother, Rafe. She admires Sari Roberts, who is everything she is not. Rosanna is one of my most powerful characters, but for much of her story she is unaware of her power. Manipulated by Sari, Rosanna builds a perilous world named Celadon.

Translated into a dun mare named Hrosannah (or Horse Still Hoping), Rosanna can no longer see the world through human eyes. Sari, Asher, Rafe and Sari's lumpish friend, Suzanne, are also translated, into princess, groom, werewolf and wisewoman. In these guises they play out their destinies.

Five went travelling Celadon, but only two came home.

"Translations in Celadon" was published by HarperCollins Australia in 1998. It has always been one of my favourites.

Others of my characters who are unaware of their power include Tell Clancy of "Trinity Street".

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