Thursday, January 1, 2009

Justin Archer

Sally's People are characters from my books.
Justin Case Archer is the eldest child of the eccentric Archer family. He first appeared in a short story called "Lorelei", then in the book "Five Easy Lessons" (1989) and later in "Kayak", "Three Missing Days" (aka "Ex-Spelled"), "Three Loony Months" and "One Weird Week".
Justin is eleven in the first book, and thirteen in the last one. He is a lively, self-opinionated and intelligent boy, who always thinks he knows best. He tries to control his peculiar family, but since he's a bit peculiar himself, doesn't have much success. His name, first name + Mother's maiden name (Case) plus Father's surname (Archer) leads to several jibes from his siblings. Whether vying with his mother for the best use of a correspondence course, accidentally using a wishing ring, or slogging it out with Nanna's vegetable vampire, Justin is never short of an idea. I had a lot of fune with him, not least because his quirky mind and his appearance were based on my son, James!

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