Monday, January 5, 2009

Corrie Guise Heinicke

Sally's People are characters I invented for books, short stories and poems. Their creation spans the last three decades of the 20th Century and (so far) the first of the 21st.

Corrie Guise Heinicke is fourteen when we meet her treading water in the dark in "Under the Waterfall". She is a typical Australian teen... or she would be, if it wasn't for her younger brother. A car accident when Corrie was eleven has left Ethan with some brain damage. Now Corrie finds her wings clipped as she has to "wait for Ethan" and avoid activities that are impossible for him to join in. On a family camping trip to Jindabek Falls, Corrie minds Ethan while Mum and Dad go for a walk. Longing for just a moment of privacy and peace, Corrie dives under the waterfall, and finds herself in the world of Sisterin, where she must depend on a boy named Athen Bard for her survival. Athen is the spitting image of her diabled brother, and worse, Corrie soon learns that his elder sister Corrayo died in a coach accident when she was eleven.

From bored and exasperated teen, Corrie moves to a helpless fear and on to a determination to survive, not only for herself, but for the boy who looks like her brother. But someone is out to kill her.

Under the Waterfall was published by Devine Destinies in 2008.

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  1. This is a great story that should be read. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and my teen years have long ago passed.