Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Blue Stealer

Sally's People are characters I invented for books, short stories and poems. Their creation spans the last three decades of the 20th Century and (so far) the first of the 21st.
The Blue Stealer is a blue heeler dog who belongs to a dubious character named Freddy "Fingers" Wysell, a thief who settles briefly in Doggeroo. Blue is also a thief. He acts as lookout and accomplice for his master, but gets little attention and no affection for his loyalty. Jack Russell is angry with him initially, but soon he pities the Blue Stealer as a dog with no toys, no dog bed, no food bowl and no love. Blue's life of crime comes to an abrupt end when he falls out of Wysell's van. Jack fears this might be the end of the road for Blue, since he is manifestly unsuitable for a pet, but Blue ending is happier than that. He goes to live on a farm where kind training, occupation and good company will help him to become a nicer dog.

The Blue Stealer appears in "The Blue Stealer", Number 10 in the Jack Russell: Dog Detective series.

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